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Tree Warranty Agreement

1. Warranty Coverage: Native Outdoor Care ("Provider") warrants that all trees installed under this agreement ("Agreement") will be in good health and free from defects at the time of installation. This warranty covers the replacement or refund of the tree(s) as outlined in this clause.

2. Warranty Period: The warranty period for the installed trees shall be [Two years] from the date 
of installation ("Warranty Period"). Any issues arising due to the condition or health of the 
tree(s) within this period shall be eligible for warranty coverage.

3. Warranty Claims: In the event that a tree(s) installed under this Agreement fails to survive or 
exhibits a significant decline in health during the Warranty Period, the customer ("Customer") 
must notify the Provider in writing within [14 days] of observing the issue. The notice must 
include detailed information regarding the tree(s) and the specific issue(s) observed.

4. Provider's Obligations: Upon receiving a valid warranty claim, the Provider will promptly assess 
the issue(s) and, if deemed eligible for warranty coverage, take the following actions, at its 
discretion: a. Replace the affected tree(s) with a healthy, comparable tree(s) of similar species 
and size. b. Refund the Customer the original purchase price of the affected tree(s).

5. Exclusions: The following circumstances and conditions are not covered under this warranty: a. 
Damage caused by acts of nature, including but not limited to storms, floods, or drought. b. 
Damage resulting from improper care or maintenance by the Customer, including over or 
underwatering, inadequate soil preparation, or failure to follow care instructions provided by the 
Provider. c. Damage caused by vandalism, accidents, or any other actions outside the control of 
the Provider. d. Any trees that were not planted by the Provider or its authorized 

6. Limitations: The liability of the Provider under this warranty clause shall be limited solely to the 
replacement or refund of the affected tree(s) as described in Section 4. The Provider shall not be 
held liable for any consequential, incidental, or indirect damages arising from the use or 
installation of the trees.

7. Entire Agreement: This warranty clause constitutes the entire agreement between the Provider 
and the Customer regarding tree installation and supersedes any prior agreements or 
understandings, whether written or verbal, relating to the same.

By signing below, the Customer acknowledges that they have read and understood the terms of this warranty clause and agree to be bound by its provisions.

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